Advanced Services and Modifications





We offer the following services:

  • EFI fuel system modifications and fabrication
  • Custom EFI and Data Looms
  • EFI computer modification and tuning
  • Aftermarket computer wiring using the highest  quality wire and connectors.
  • Trackside support


We offer services that embrace the following technologies:

  • MoTeC
  • ChipTorque
  • Xede
  • Microtech


We have access to chassis dynameters for our advanced tuning services.


Supported ChipTorque Products

  • XFLASH flash tuning capability
  • Exchange memcal reprogrammed units
  • Reprogrammed chips and customised chips


Supported Xede Products

  • Version3
  • Coming soon - Chiptorque does not rest so their products are constantly being revised to embrace the latest OEM technology so bookmark this page for the latest updates and links.


ECU Modifications

  • Replacement chips
  • Customised chips
  • XFlash (R)


Other supported systems

  • Motec-wire , fit and tune
  • Chiptorque-wire , fit and tune
  • Microtech fit and tune
  • Haltech tune
  • EMS - tune


These products have a wide range of applications and are constantly being upgraded and researched. Please do not hesitate to contact me for an evaluation of your needs.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How much power will a chip give me?
A: We can assume an average power increase based on dyno tuning history. However, results will vary as every engine is different.

Q: Why are some chips available that only add 3 to 5 kW of power?
A: Quoted figures are at wide open throttle. There are many performance gains to be made by altering part throttle settings and by modifying auto shift pattern characteristics. The whole package results to an overall increase in performance and fuel economy.