Our Customers' Cars


BA Ford Falcon Ute

We used Penrite "SIN" High Temp brake fluid on Mick's Ute to increase pedal feel and fade resistance when towing his boat and jet skis. The automatic transmission was serviced as part of a preventative maintenance schedule negotiated with Mick to cover his needs and budget. Next is a suspension upgrade to make this Ute feel like a new car again!

Here is an e-mail from Mick:

"Hey Jim,

Hope you had a good week. I'll be in next week regarding the front suspension on the ute. Could you please check what is avail. Don't want it rock hard but it's a bit "wollowie" in current state. Have driven a couple of XR's and they where passable...just. So a bit tighter than that would be fine.

The trans service has sharpened the changes big time. Worth doing, considering Ford reckon it didn't need doing for another 100 thou!!!

The new brakes keep getting better. I would definitely recommend these to any BA owner. Pedal feel and control is so much better. The Ute now feels like it would stop with a tonne on board. Huge difference with the boat on the back.

Thanks for good advice and a job well done,
Cheers Mick"
















Datsun 1600 P510

Motec and SR20 installation.

Details soon.










2003 Toyota Camry Altise

 Stuart has a slightly embarrassing attachment to the humble Toyota Camry. Sporting steel wheels, black rear view mirrors and genuine Toyota headlight protectors, Stu's Camry's only respite is being a manual V6. Packing a pedestrian 141kW, this Camry can at least embarrass most stock automatic Commodore's. Jim suggests a supercharger.